Does this sound like you?

You know your program is amazing. You've built the whole thing out, your sales page is done, and you head out into the social media world with a skip in your step and a twinkle in your eye- THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST LAUNCH EVER!

You launch your baby out into the world. In fact, you've already started calculating how much money you'll make off this launch and know what you're going to do with it!

Couple days in- crickets. You're not totally panicked yet, it's only been a few days!

You consider lowering your prices.

More crickets.

You consider extending your launch. Maybe 10 days isn't enough? Maybe it needs to be 30 days of an open cart? Maybe it should be evergreen?

You're starting to freak out now.

You consider pulling the plug all together.

Your online business feels like this:

You wonder how everyone else on the planet is making decent money online except you.

You consider dropping thousands of dollars on an expensive 1:1 business coach...

...because they are the gatekeepers to all of the secrets you're apparently not privy to.

Are you even cut out for this? Why does it feel so hard? Why doesn't anyone want to sign up for your stuff? How is it possible that you're this educated in your field, yet cannot seem to convince anyone to pay you for your services?

Listen up. It's not you!

It's your marketing.

Ever heard "copy"? It's the writing you use everywhere for your business. "Copy" are the words on your IG posts, on your website, on your sales pages, and even on your IG stories & emails.

If you don't know how to write copy, it doesn't matter how great you or your programs are- you'll always be hard pressed to show people how your programs can help them.

If you don't get good at marketing & copywriting, you will always end up wanting to quit after every launch. You will always feel like Britney in 2007.

It all comes down to marketing & copywriting.

In this 5-week course, I'm teaching you all you need to know about marketing & copywriting so that your online business can stop feeling like this:

And can start to feel like this:

What's inside?

Everything you need to rock your next launch- and every launch from here on out!

  • We'll go through your IG captions, blog posts, and sales pages to dive deep into what's missing and what can be taken out to avoid confused customers who ultimately don't buy

  • Templates to follow to create headlines that convert for IG captions, blog posts, & emails you send to your list

  • Learn the exact formulas to create content that builds community, increases engagement, and ultimately turn into authentic sales without selling out or selling your soul to the devil

  • A launch formula + a plan so that every launch from here on out doesn't feel like a dumpster fire

  • How to write more engaging IG captions that educate and inspire your future clients to take action

  • Weekly q&a call and a place to submit your homework for feedback!

  • You'll learn how to write and market- that's it! That's what it takes to be successful in online business.

We start next week!

Save $200 if you sign up before time runs out!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome + Housekeeping
    • Welcome video part 2
  • 2

    FINANCIAL HEALTH- impromptu lesson because... COVID-19

    • Dumpster Fire
    • Money Mindset- profitable times set the tone for slow times
    • The ebbs and flows of saving
    • Planning for Patterns + Membership Models
  • 3

    Ideal Client Work

    • We MUST start here: Who's Your Ideal Client?
    • Psychographics of your ideal client
    • Hot, warm, and cold leads
  • 4


    • The Cost of Boring Headlines
    • HOMEWORK: submit your headlines!
  • 5


    • Completing the Puzzle
    • STAND FOR SOMETHING- Contrast Marketing
  • 6

    Copywriting- AGAIN!

    • Looking back: what's worked/hasn't worked? WHY?
    • Copywriting revisions
  • 7

    Creating Offers

    • Email Lists
    • Reverse Engineering the sales process + Story Telling
    • Building a case for your offer
  • 8


    • Launching- a business model part 1
    • Launching: a business model part 2
    • HOMEWORK: looking back at old offers/launches
    • Pricing your offers
    • Creating a launch calendar that makes sense for your offer
    • What it means when no one buys
    • Handling DM's and Emails about your offers/launch

Take your online business from feeling like this... this

No. I can't help you become a millionaire overnight, but I can help you learn to write better copy when it comes to your packages and services so that they convert into sales that don't feel gross.

And when online business doesn't feel like you're screaming into the abyss anymore, it kind of does feel like you've hit the jackpot!

Want in?

Most online business coaches live on Mars and want to charge you the equivalent of a used-car payment in full. You don't have to do that here. Online business success should be accessible and affordable for everyone without having to max out a credit card.

This is the first time this course is opening- it's a Beta course! This means this is the most affordable it will ever be. By being a part of this Beta program, you'll save $200 on enrollment & be able to submit feedback about the course before it opens again for enrollment at $597.
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