You're passionate about your dream and your vision.

You're also overwhelmed, confused, and nervous about what to do next.

Maybe Coronavirus lit a fire under your ass or maybe you've been trying your hand at an online business or a while.

You thought you had it nailed down- start an IG account, get a website, start posting and... BAM! clients show up with payment ready to go and you're well on your way to becoming a financially free business owner. Right?

Except... not.

You've watched other people do it and you're wondering what's missing for you. How can other people sell out offers and programs but you can't? What do they have that you don't have?

You feel like time's-a-ticking before you pull the plug on the whole "business owner" dream.

You've taken the courses, you have the certifications. You're an expert in your field but you've realize no one taught you how to build, grow, and scale an online business.

You just don't know what the hell to do next & maybe you've feel like you've tried it all.

If you're stuck where I used to be- you're also probably really tired. There's no room for much else- how can someone who works so hard be getting nowhere this fast?

It's not that you don't work hard enough- it's that you're working too hard on the wrong things.

The good news is there's a solution. You can build an online business. You can work less, serve better, and make more.

You're exhausted.

Business coaches are like:

-start a podcast!

-get a photoshoot done!

-start a youtube channel!

-post every day!

-wait, no, don't post every day!

-the algorithm!

-quit your day job!

-wait, no, don't quit your day job!

And you're like...

wait, WTF am I actually supposed to be doing?

Should you raise your prices?

Should you buy more followers on IG?

Should you have a private FB group?

Should you actually start a youtube channel?

How do I get people to sign up for my stuff?

What the hell is a funnel? Do I need one?

What if I fail?

What if I have to work for someone else forever?

What if this is a pipe dream and I can't pull it off?

Can I tell you something?

You could continue wasting time trying to figure this out on your own- or you can accelerate your success.

Here's what you're missing:

-How to use social media to build a business that isn't slimy, gross, or inauthentic

-How and when to raise your prices so that you're not burnt out or rationing out ramen to get through the month

-How to set boundaries with clients, near and far, so you're not working 24/7

-How to get over your fear of selling in a way that doesn't actually ever feel like selling

-How to create offers you're aligned with, that you're excited to deliver, and that attract ideal clients who are pumped to work with you

-What to actually focus on and what actually matters in your biz. Hint: it's not how many followers you have or how many likes you get. Turns out, those don't pay the bills.

HI! I'm Christina, your coach inside The Confident Coach's Club

And I've been where you are.

I started coaching business a few years ago completely on the down low. I didn't think I'd ever have interest in sharing what I know and how I built both my businesses, but thought I could offer some quick tools, strategies and insights for people who asked.

My peers and friends started to report back about their successes. They were making more money, working less, fired their soul-sucking clients, had more time to themselves during the week, got their weekends back, and they were selling out their programs.

I decided to help other online business owners publicly. The same reported successes and wins continued to pour in. And out of that, The Confident Coach's Club was born! A group coaching program made for you by me based off every single that that was missing for me in entrepreneurship for so long.

I know what you need because I've been where you are. I know how urgent business success feels. I know how much money you've wasted on courses and programs that don't quite work for you. I know you want your time back. I know you want your business to make good money and not feel the weight of the world on your shoulders 24/7.

The Confident Coach's Club helps you with all of that and more. This course was designed for every woman who is stuck where I once was: working too hard, getting nowhere fast, feeling like they're missing the big secret.

Inside the course, we pair business strategy with soul so that you can work less, impact more, and make more. It's not a pipe dream. It's a reality for me and all of my business students and I'm so excited to help you build your business by design, too!

Imagine if by September you were....

  • Consistently posting amazing content that turns your followers into clients

  • Creating and selling out programs that you love delivering

  • Working less, making more, while creating an impact and serving more profoundly than ever

  • Able to do all of that and more without feeling gross, out of alignment, or like a total sell out or part of a weirdo cult-vibe thing

None of that is too good to be true.

It's exactly what you'll be learning to create for yourself inside The Confident Coach's Club

SAY NO MORE! I am in!

You need to be a part of The Confident Coach's Club if....

  • You feel left behind

    There is no shortage of sorority-vibing business coaches out there. Everyone is promising a lavish lifestyle, with more money than you know what to do with, and dream clients that appear as if from no where. But you're realizing you have work to do & you don't want to be a part of some hoity-toity sorority sister cult thing.

  • You feel confused

    Everywhere you turn, you're being told you need to do THIS THING in order to grow your business. But, do you even have a business yet? You need clients in order to have a business, and we can't skip steps. Before you make 6-figures in your biz, you need to actually have a plan. Then, you need to make $1,000 before we can start even thinking or talking about making $5k or even $10k & beyond.

  • No one is buying

    People like and comment on your stuff but no one is buying from you. Frustrating, right?

  • You kinda wanna quit

    Maybe you haven't even started yet, but the doubt is there. It would be so easy to just throw in the towel and pretend like this business thing was never on your radar anyway.

  • You're Not Sure

    You follow other business owners online and wonder how the hell they're doing it. Something is missing, something feels off for you. You ask yourself "is there a secret I don't know about? Do I even have what it takes? Maybe I shouldn't do this..."

If you want to feel...

  • Included & Understood

    You want a business coach who isn't so far removed from the trenches that they don't understand the struggle that comes with biz-ownership. Insider tip: no matter where you are in your biz, there are always struggles!

  • Clarity

    You want to know exactly what you should be doing in your business. What and how should you post on social media, what should you be paying attention to, and the mindset blocks that get in the way of the things that matter and how to work through them.

  • Supported

    You want a viable business- not just likes on IG and not people telling you how brave and inspiring you are. Sure, that's always nice, but that doesn't pay the bills.

  • Passionate

    You wanted to start a business for a reason. It's easy to feel like everything is great when everything is going great- LOL- but if your business isn't set up for success, burnout and doubt set in quickly, making the inevitable struggles feel insurmountable.

  • Certainty

    That you, too, can run a business. You want to finally have the tools and strategies that are needed to run a business- everything from the mindset that it takes, all the way down to how you should set your biz up so you're not wasting time spinning your wheels or stuck trading time for dollars.

...then this is FOR YOU!

I created The Confident Coach's Club because nothing like this existed for me when I needed it most.

If you're sick of feeling stuck, sick of feeling scared, and sick of feeling like everyone else's biz is going on without a hitch while you sit at home wondering WTF you should be doing instead, this is for you.

The best part? You're guided every step of the way. This is not a course you sign up for and navigate on your own. A new module will open up for you each week, I'm available to you inside Slack each day, and each week we hop on a live group coaching call so that you have all the answers to your questions from start to finish!


  • How long does the course take?

    This is a 10-week guided course. Meaning, a new module opens each week for you to go through on your own, and then we hop on a live group coaching call to really dig deep. You'll also have access to me + your peers for 10 weeks inside the Slack group. SO MUCH FREAKIN' SUPPORT! It's the best.

  • What if I fall behind?

    That's fine- life happens. But it is in your best interest to keep up with the course as best you can so that you can take full advantage of the community and access to me in your corner over the 12-weeks.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Every time I've ever had "lifetime" access to a course, I never took advantage because I thought "ah, next week." This is not just a course, this is about action and implementation. I do not want you to purchase this course if you do not have plans to implement anything. In order to light a fire under you, and in order to make sure that I'm spending time with action-takers, you have 16 weeks of access to this course. The guided portion ends after 12 weeks, but you will have an extra 4 weeks to finish going through any of the materials and training you may have missed.

  • What if I don't have a business yet?

    You just need a vision. If you have no plans to ever work with people either as a soloprenuer or as a contractor, then this course is not for you. If you have all the answers to running a business, then this course is not for you.

  • When do we start?

    Monday, June 1st baby! But, the sooner you register, the more free 1:1 bonus call you'll get with me prior to the start of the course. That shit is unheard of- so that's why I do it :)

  • Do I have to be in the fitness industry?


  • Ok but like... how does it work?

    Each week, you will get access to a new module. I will pop into Slack to answer your questions once a day M-F. All members will also have access to a weekly q&a call, which will be recorded and sent to you in case you can't make it in real time.

  • I sell intentional fat loss, will you still help me?

    Nope. It is so out of alignment for me to work with coaches that are doing work that I have shed blood, sweat, and tears to eradicate over the years. Plenty of other programs exist that will help you sell inherent fat loss- this is not one of them.

  • Do I have to be a business newbie? I already have a biz.

    If you're business feels more like an expensive hobby in which you're spending more money than you're receiving and/or the amount of time you're putting into it just doesn't really seem to be worth it- then you need this course no matter how long you've been in business. I used to be where you are- I get it, I see you- and I've got your back 110%.


  • Do you need a payment plan option?

    If this course is for you, keep scrolling until you get to the payment options! so you can see our additional never-before-seen payment plan option. Due to the Coronavirus, we've added an additional payment plan option so that cost is never in the way of you and your dreams!

  • You may wanna sign up ASAP

    The sooner you sign up, the more FREE bonus calls you'll get with me before the course even starts! We start on June 1st- I'd get movin' on it! Not to mention the next time this course is offered, it'll be coming with a $500 price increase. Now is the time!

  • Is this expensive? I've never invested in my biz before!

    I love this question so much! Most business coaches and courses cost at least 3x as much as this course. And here's the thing- you want to get in on something like this ASAP. The last time this course ran, it sold out in 72 hours! This course has increased in price by $300 since then- so now is the time to get in on it before the price goes up again next time! I promise you won't get this much value and clarity anywhere else. This course is priced in such a way that you'll make back your ROI in no time. It's time to bet on yourself, don't you think?

Pricing options

The Confident Coach's Club will never be offered at this price again. You can plan on a $500 increase next time this opens. We're keeping our prices low with plenty of payment options due to the Coronavirus. We never want finances to stop you from building the business & life of your dreams!

The proof is in the pudding

Still on the fence? Read what graduates had to say about The Confidence Coach's Club experience!

"Life changing"

This course has been so life changing for me. My goal coming in was to just feel like a biz owner by the end of this. And I accomplished that AND so much more. Christina. 1) I fucking love you. 2) let me know when you’re ready for a 10 page essay/testimonial for this course and 3) you should charge more LOL"

"Mind-blowing breakthroughs"

"The mindset work in the course (placed in the first couple weeks by design) helped me unpack so many deep-rooted beliefs about my abilities, past failures & worthiness. I had the type of mind-blowing breakthroughs that you’d expect after months, even years of therapy. It allowed me to get out of my own bullshit & out of my own way. By the end of week one, I already began to feel like I belonged & deserved to be a business owner. I had already achieved my goal of feeling like a business owner."

"This course was my last resort"

"I cannot say enough amazing things about Christina’s business course! Christina was the FOURTH business mentor that I’ve hired over the last two years. I was at a point where I still felt confused AF as to who I was serving and how I can serve them in ways they need, while also staying true to MYSELF and not being a cookie cutter of someone else’s vision. I had just spent over $3k on another business coach right before I signed on with Christina; in all honesty, what I was thinking was “Well, this is my last resort and if I don’t get anything out of this business course, then I’m just done.”

Well, I got everything I paid for and so much more! Christina was exactly the kick in the ass I needed to actually get out and do real, meaningful shit.This was the first time that I was really made to think about who my ideal client is beyond her demographics. Christina’s course far exceeded my expectations. I went in expecting to have a better business strategy but I gained so much more. Confidence. Purpose. And best of all, I gained an incredible group of like-minded business women to bounce ideas off and share in our failures and successes together."

"Worthy every penny and then some"

In just a few short months she demystified the whole process of a "launch" (something that terrified me in the past), and helped me turn my blog/passion project into an actual business. In the few short months we worked together I successfully launched my first online program, dialed in to how I can better serve my ideal clients, and learned to set better boundaries around my time and energy. I can't recommend this course enough. Other business courses charge 10x more money and kind of teach you what to do. Christina not only walks you through it, but gives you that extra push you need to actually do it! Worth every penny and then some!

You're ready for the next level. Let's do it!

I'm in!